Lead Research Team

Some Consultants & Research Team Members

The Institute has put together a team of researchers. The members are:

  • Dr. Elewechi Okike PhD, MPhil, MSc, BSc, FICG, FRSA, FHEA, MNIM: Director, International Centre for Research in Accountability and Governance (CENTRAG) UK. Her research interest is in Corporate Governance and Accountability.

  • Dr. Igazeuma Okoroba PhD, MPhil, MSc, BSc FICG, ASPN, NASA, APCON, NASOW, AVOA: Principal Consultant, Proleap. A governance, Management, CSR and Sustainability Expert. Director and Team Lead, ICGN, Lagos & South West Nigeria

  • Professor Aminu Mikailu PhD, FIIA, FNIM, FANAN, FCITN: A University Administrator and a Professor of Management Accounting and Finance and foremost expert

in Corporate Governance, Audit and Financial Reporting. He has delivered papers on Corporate Governance locally and internationally.

  • Dr. Michael Nwogugu PhD, MBA, B.Arch., BSc: Consultant & Researcher PhD, A Business Executive, Member of several Boards and have held Senior Management Position. He has delivered papers on Bankruptcy Theory, Management Incentives, Mergers/Acquisitions/Antitrust, Corporate Governance, Earnings Management, and Behavioral Finance, Law & Management; Hedge Funds & Derivatives, International Banking Law & Regulation; Computer & Telecommunications Law He has published 57 books, working papers, research papers and articles in wide areas such as Corporate Governance, Business, Law, Technology etc. He has been cited severally in Court in the US.

  • Dr. Emmanuel Adegbite: Lecturer in Accounting, Durham University, Durham University Business School, Durham University, Durham, UK.

  • Dr. Franklin Nakpodia: Newcastle Business School, Northrumbia University, Newscastle, UK.

  • Dr. Jacob James PhD: An expert in Political Economics and Governance Abuja. His research interest is in Political Economics and Corporate Governance.