Who We Are

The Institute of Corporate Governance Nigeria (ICGN) is a globally recognized and an integrated national professional body in Nigeria. ICGN is established and well positioned to deliver best in class corporate governance and business ethics standards and practices in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. The Institute of Corporate Governance Nigeria was formed by a team of corporate leaders, practitioners, professionals, academics, policy makers and institutions with background in corporate governance, risk management, compliance, finance, banking, insurance, law, economics, management, political economics, medicine, engineering, science and technology. ICGN is registered under the CAM Act CAP 59 of 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to among other things promote global best corporate governance standards and practices both in public and private sectors, through training, certification, research, knowledge sharing and related activities. In achieving these objectives, our approach is inter-disciplinary one.

Recentcorporate governance scandals in many parts of the world, and the resultantfinancial crisis and more intense shareholders and stakeholders’ activism as

well as globalization has made global best corporate governance standards andpractices an imperative to the survival and efficiency of firms and national

economies, particularly those in development and transition.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision Statement

Weare working for a well - governed, just, prosperous and sustainable firms and society.

Our Mission Statement

We are working to be the leading advocate of global best corporate governance standards and practices by creating a critical mass of leaders and professionalsto influence the development of sustainable and rewarding businesses andsociety that truly care for all stakeholders.

Our Pledge

Amidst the changing professional landscape, more advanced technology and payment systems, regulatory regimes, corporate scandals, increased shareholders’ activism and a much higher demand for fairness, transparency and accountability from thepublic all over the world, ICGN is prepared to meet the challenges by leading the way in nation building efforts through the promotion of sound corporate, economic and democratic governance standards and principles in Nigeria and globally.